The Walking Dead Season 07 Episode 01 – Ignorance is bliss

The essential question during this brand new episode of our most beloved zombie fighters  (or more appropriate according to the terminology of the series walker fighters) is: Why?

Not only: Why him? But also: Why are we still watching this?
To warn you right from the start: This won’t be nice, although it won’t be tearing your heart apart for 45 minutes. And there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t caught up on the latest episode yet, you have the chance to keep yourself safe from a severe trauma.

To be honest, I was afraid that the new season might leave us wondering who died for at least another episode (by using long flashbacks to men that try to produce goat cheese, AKA The men who stare at goats). Fortunately, the episode starts right where it left us (and Rick’s group of survivors): Kneeling in a semicircle and waiting to be chosen by Lucille – and by the way: What were you thinking, all you nerds visiting Comic Con in NY and dressing up like Negan with his “vampire bat” Lucille? In retrospect, this was not ok!

I need to admit, I didn’t see it coming and it took me by cold surprise when Negan knocked off his second victim and left me kind of shell-shocked like Rick at the very beginning of the episode. And another confession: I would have been okay with just Abraham dying. Not that he was my least favorite character in the show, but over the seasons you develop your own list of who is dispensable and who’s not. And Abraham never made it out of the last third of mine (just like Eugene, and not only because of his ineffable hair).

But Glenn… I mean, that was cruel. So cruel that I rejected to believe all those rumors during the summer break of TWD about Glenn being the one to finally meet Lucille (just like in the comics). And he was one of my favorites right from the start, even before he became such a badass under the influence of the Governor – who seems like a pretty nice guy after Negan appeared on the screen. This was even worse after he’d literally come back from the dead (kind of like the comeback of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones) during the 6th season – and let’s remember the warm feeling we all shared when we heard Glenn’s voice through that walkie… at least for one nasty second before Negan hits Glenn’s eyeball out of his skull and we have to face that image much longer than we like to.

The rest of “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” feels like torture, especially when Negan wants Rick to cut off Carl’s arm to save the group in a scene that feels like an allegory to the Binding of Isaac. When we thought the season 5 introduction to Terminus was bloody gruesome, we hadn’t seen this, yet. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that no one else died (so far) and that Carl kept his arm. And I must say, this newest episode of TWD jumps right at the top of my most unpleasant episodes of TV series that smash you (next to the Red Wedding of GoT and the tragic, yet not that gory The Grove of TWD where Carol needs to take down young Lizzie due to her psychotic behavior).

So let us all mourn poor Abraham-‚Suck-my-nuts‘ and poor Glenn (and of course blood-thirsty Maggie) until next week when our tears might have dried off. ‚Just look at the flowers.‘