An open letter to Meryl Streep

Well done, well done. While I find myself speechless many times, you found just the right words (even if not your voice) and – which is much harder – also the right timing. Good news are so very rare these days that you need to embrace them and take them with you. Only a few (and only the best) speeches have the potential to really get to you, to touch you. We seem to unlearn the ability to listen, while we perfect the ability to forget and to ignore. But it seems like the internet and press is good for something after all – because it is impossible to avoid your face and the very same headline about your acceptance speech today. Hopefully, many more people will take those six minutes (and an extra-minute to watch the video clip you refer to) to listen and to really think about it. Even if any interpretation is subjective in itself – it seems rarely possible to misinterpret that, dear Mr. President-to-be. Besides, this accusation is not so much about you making fun of a disabled man, but about a person in power who makes fun of another human being. And the question is: Do we really want those people in power?

Hats off, Meryl. 

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